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VITA FOOD FACTORY (1989) LTD. "VITA FOOD" was established in November 14, 1989. The company has outlined a strong commitment to the production of quality canned tropical fruits and pineapple with the annual export volume of 5-6 million cases and thus ranking among the biggest food processors in Thailand.

It is pride as well that the company has been granted promotional priviledges by the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). The factory is situated on a prime location at 39/3 Moo 7, Tambol Saentor, Tahmaka District, Kanchanaburi. With it's spacious compound of around 200 rais in total, VITA FOOD has engaged over 3,000 workers utilizing the modern equipment of latest technology found in the food industry today.


VITA FOOD has kept pace with modern food production technology making its products most hygenie ones and quality widely accepted in the world market. The company produces and distributes canned vegetables and fruits, canned pineapples, pineapple juice concentrate, canned fruit juice, frozen vegetables & fruits, dehydrated fruits, pouch ,glass jar etc. under the brand of "VITA FOOD", "FRESH WAY", "MY FRUIT". It also manufactures products under its customers brand such as "Libby's", "Liberty Gold","Bala" "Golden Vally", "Sunkist", "Kimono" etc. Most of the products are exported to foreign market such as Europe, U.S.A., Canada, South of America, Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, China etc.

Under thorough supervision and most stringent quality control, all products from VITA FOOD has been produced under good manufacturing practice with profound conscience of food hygiene and thus guaranteed of top quality with "Best Factory" award in 1990.


  • Vita Food Factory is situated on a prime area of plentiful fruits. The company has comparative advantage on quality of vegetables & fruits and transportation cost.
  • Vita Food Factory has an economy of scale on production cost. The company can produce vary canned vegetables & fruits on customers' purpose.
  • Management team pay attention utilize all the raw matterial for high value added products such as pinaaple juice concentrate, canned fruitcocktail, dehydrated fruits etc.
  • Management team 's experience has more than 20 years on canned vegetables & fruits manufacturer & distributor.

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